Moskvin S.V., Chekhodaridi F.N.

Low-level laser therapy for pets

Low-level laser therapy has long and very successfully been used in medical and veterinary practice for treating both domestic and farm animals. Special emphasis is placed in the book on the low-level laser therapy techniques for cats and dogs with frequent and difficult-to-treat diseases.

Only Russia has a veritable scientific and practical school of using lasers in medicine. In-depth scientific rationale underpins the most effective low-level laser therapy methods, which are well elaborated and demonstrate excellent treatment results.

The LASMIK®-VET kit devices are easy to use and absolutely safe; therefore, they can be used by pet owners unassisted without special training at home. Various intravenous laser blood illumination options, primarily ILBI-525 and LUVBI®, have already demonstrated their effectiveness in a hospital setting. Only LASMIK®, the unique device for low-level laser therapy, enables to implement these techniques.

This book is intended for veterinarians and for everyone interested in new effective methods for treating pets.